The Essential Guide to Roofing Underlay: Why It Matters for Your Home

by | Mar 13, 2024

A robust and dependable roof is not just about the shingles you see. Beneath those shingles lies a critical component that plays a pivotal role in ensuring your home remains dry, comfortable, and protected from the elements: the roofing underlay. As experts in the field, BLC Roofing is here to shed light on the significance of roofing underlay and why every homeowner should prioritize it.

Understanding Roofing Underlay

Roofing underlay, sometimes referred to as “shingle underlay,” acts as a protective barrier sandwiched between the roof’s framing materials and the top layer of shingles. Its primary function is to mitigate the risk of leaks, mold, and water damage from infiltrating your home.

With the evolution of roofing technology, homeowners now have access to a plethora of underlay options tailored to specific weather conditions. At BLC Roofing, we emphasize the importance of matching homeowners with the right roofing solutions, ensuring longevity and reducing maintenance needs.

Diverse Types of Roofing Underlay

1. Asphalt-Saturated Felt Underlay

Traditionally known as “felt paper” or “tar paper,” this underlay is a blend of asphalt, plant fibers, polyester, bitumen, and fiberglass. It’s revered for its water-resistance and breathability. However, it’s essential to note that while it resists water, it isn’t entirely waterproof. It’s best suited for sloped roofs where water can easily drain.

2. Rubberized Asphalt Underlay

A modern entrant in the underlay market, rubberized asphalt is often devoid of asphalt. Instead, it comprises recycled rubber, polyethylene, polyester, and fiberglass. Its seamless membrane can fill cracks and provide an airtight seal, making it a top choice for regions with fluctuating temperatures.

3. Non-Bitumen Synthetic Underlay

Crafted from thermoplastics like polyethylene or polypropylene, this underlay stands out for its waterproofing, flexibility, and resistance to mold and UV rays. Its synthetic nature makes it lightweight and durable, though it can be pricier than its counterparts.

Top Benefits of Roofing Underlay

1. Enhanced Curb Appeal

A smooth underlay provides an even surface for shingle installation, boosting your property’s aesthetic appeal.

2. Fire Safety Compliance

To meet Class A fire requirements for shingles, it’s crucial to opt for underlays approved by industry standards.

3. Backup Weather Protection

While shingles are the primary defense, the underlay serves as a secondary shield against the elements, safeguarding your home’s interior.

4. Moisture Management

Most underlays are highly water-resistant, ensuring optimal protection based on your roof’s shape, slope, and local climate.

5. Energy Efficiency Boost

The underlay acts as an insulating layer, preventing air leaks and potentially reducing energy costs.

6. Defense Against Ice and Water Damage

In harsh climates, the underlay acts as a barrier against snow, rain, and ice, preventing potential leaks and damage.

7. Roof Deck Protection

The underlay covers the roofing frame, shielding the wood from external threats.

8. Peace of Mind

Knowing that a professional-grade underlay protects your home can offer unparalleled peace of mind, especially during extreme weather conditions.

BLC Roofing: Your Trusted Partner

If you’re considering a roof repair service in Akron OH or pondering about roof replacement service in Akron OH, BLC Roofing is here to assist. With our expertise in roofing services in Akron OH, we ensure that your home is equipped with the best underlay, guaranteeing longevity and top-notch protection. Reach out to us today and let’s fortify your home together.

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