The Essential Guide to Roof Repair After Winter

by | Jan 21, 2023

Winter, with its harsh elements, can be tough on roofs. As the snow melts and spring approaches, it’s crucial to ensure that your roof is in top condition to protect your home from potential damages. Here’s a comprehensive guide on why and how to address roof repairs after the cold winter months.

The Aftermath of Winter on Roofs

Every winter, roofs endure a barrage of challenges, from gusty winds and heavy snowfall to the freeze-thaw cycles. Such conditions can lead to both visible and hidden damages. For instance, leaks might not be evident until spring’s heavy rains begin, but by then, the damage could be extensive. Proactive roof inspections and timely repairs can prevent these issues, ensuring your home remains safe and dry.

Vulnerability of Aging Roofs

Roofs with a few years under their belt are especially at risk. Over time, shingles deteriorate due to constant exposure to the elements. Even if your roof still has several years of its warranty left, it’s wise to consider repairs. After all, prevention is better than cure, and addressing minor issues now can save significant costs in the future.

Key Areas for Roof Repair

  • Shingles: Winter’s cold winds can make shingles brittle, leading to breakage. Loose or missing shingles should be promptly replaced to prevent water ingress.
  • Roof Flashings: These are crucial components that seal roof transitions. Over time, the sealants can degrade, and nails can rust, creating potential leak points. Areas around chimneys, skylights, and where shingles meet walls are particularly susceptible.
  • Eave Troughs: These can collect water, which, when frozen, can distort their shape and alignment. Ice dams can also form, damaging both the wood and shingles.

Evaluating Roof Repair Costs

While the costs of roof repairs can vary, spring inspections typically range from $200-$500. It’s essential to engage a reputable roofing service, like BLC Roofing, known for its quality work and excellent customer references. Some companies, including BLC Roofing, offer the added benefit of deducting the inspection cost from the total repair bill, ensuring you get value for your money.

The Significance of Attic Inspections

A thorough roof inspection isn’t just about the exterior. A look inside your home’s attic can reveal a lot about the roof’s health. Signs of rust around nail points, water stains on the insulation, and dampness are all indicators of potential roof issues. Ensuring your attic is in good condition is as crucial as addressing external roof damages.

Why Choose BLC Roofing?

At BLC Roofing, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch roof repair service in Akron OH. Our team is skilled in various roofing services in Akron OH, from simple repairs to comprehensive roof replacement service in Akron OH. With our expertise and commitment to quality, you can rest assured that your home is in safe hands.


Winter can be tough on roofs, but with timely inspections and repairs, you can ensure your home remains protected. As spring approaches, consider getting a professional roof check-up to address any potential issues. Remember, a well-maintained roof not only protects your home but also enhances its value and aesthetic appeal.

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